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Features That Affect The SEO Of Your Ecommerce Website

Starting an online store with a beautiful look is not enough to drive sales. An e-commerce site is successful only when it can fetch you profits. And this is the reason why you have built an e-commerce platform. Choosing the right programming language, having the correct payment gateways are among a few considerations. The most important factor is, however, whether the Ecommerce Website Development Noida platform has features to ensure that your site has the best search engine optimization ranking. Here are some factors that can enhance the SEO rankings of your e-commerce platform.

  • Controllable Navigation Links

Most e-commerce platforms generate navigation links automatically, and the link name is the same as your product. Say your product name is ‘jackets’, but the consumers are looking for a winter jacket. When they search, your sites will not pop-up in the search result, even if it offers them. This will not happen if your e-commerce platform provides independent control of the links. The Ecommerce Website Development Noida platform allows you to control the navigation links, which increases the SEO ranking of your site.

  • Customization of Page Title

Having the correct page title helps in search engine optimization for the site. For instance, the name of your product is ‘ladies wear’. To make it more relevant for consumers, you need to add some more words to it, like ‘Informal and elegant’, or ‘ladies wear with floral designs.’  Any user who looks for floral designs will find your site in the search results. Ask your developer to create your e-commerce site with a platform that offers the facility of manipulating the page title. If required, the designer needs to customize it for this task.

  • Create The Page URL of Your Site

There is a significant correlation between the page URL of your site to the search engine optimization. The sites that have some search key terms on the page URL will be visible earlier when a user searches for those keywords. Most e-commerce platforms automatically use the product name as the URL. This may prevent many consumers from even reaching your site. Look for the Ecommerce Website Development in Noida platform that allows the control of the page URL independently.

  • Address The Problem Of A Canonical URL

It is possible that multiple URLs list a particular product offered by an e-commerce website. For instance, the product is football. This product may come under two separate URLs-one talking about sports equipment, and the other about children’s game product.  A search engine views these two URLs as two different pages, with the same content. Due to the similarity of content, none of these sites will get prominence in the search results, and you may have to pay a penalty for this. Specify which version of the page you prefer using the REL CANONICAL tag that the search engines offer.

If you want to have an e-commerce site with SEO, the IT Noida  will create it for you. The company uses all the tricks of the trade to provide a place to your site among the first few results of a search engine.  The company adds social sharing buttons and ensures that the homepage features the most popular products to optimize your site in a search engine result.