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Top 10 Responsive Table WordPress Plugins

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems known for its versatility and user-friendliness. It is widely being used by bloggers or businesses to create an exceptional website. However, these days, using tables in the site has become the latest trend in order to display their information in an organized way.

If you are making use of WordPress for creating your site, then you surely know how tables can be used for showcasing the prices of your products and services. Thanks to the introduction of table WordPress plugins that makes it easier for people to add tables to their blog posts or website. It is a well-known fact that WordPress does not come with the built-in table in the editor and thus these plugins can be highly helpful for those willing to include tables on their website.

Often people use WordPress for creating their site mainly because of the ease of process and minimal dependence on codes. Here, table plugins come into the scenario. It makes the entire process of adding tables to the site hassle-free and eliminate the need for any coding.

Nowadays, there are various table WordPress plugins available online that allow you to represent your data in a synchronized manner. However, it is crucial to select the right plugin that meets your requirements. In order to make it easier for you to choose the best table plugin for your site, we are listing down some of the best table WordPress plugins in this article. You can check out its various features and functionalities and download the one that fits your need.

Let’s have a glimpse:


TablePress is a feature-rich plugin with an easy interface to create and manage tables on your WordPress website without much technical expertise. It contains various data types such as formulas and related data.

Key Features:

Easy to copy and remove tables
Advanced JavaScript library
Links and images are inserted into the tables
Import and export tables via JSON or CSV format
Ultimate Tables

Ultimate Tables is the perfect option for those who wish to create giant tables on their site without any bugs. With the assistance of this plugin, you can easily design, handle and create tables without the need of writing HTML code. This extraordinary table plugin totally supports pagination that can simply come in handy for exhibiting tons of data. It also comes with customization feature that allows you to modify the table as per your requirements.

Captivating Features

Optional manual class.
Configurable height and width.
Fully responsive in nature.
You can enter HTML code and text in the cells.
The plugin gets updated on regular basis.
WpDataTables Lite

You can insert sortable and interactive tables through this plugin. These tables can read data from different sources like CSV or XML.

Key Features:

Multiple column types
Row grouping
Any input source like JSON, CSV or Excel
Managing table through WordPress admin panel
JTRT Responsive Tables

With this table WordPress plugin, it becomes easy to create responsive tables in the backend. There is no need to write a single line of code and multiple tables are supported on one page.

Key Features:

There is the table pagination property.
The short table in accordance with table header.
There is the table filtering, for searching with a search box.
There are the custom shortcodes.
Visual Table Formatting Lite

This plugin is easy to use because of its newbie-friendly features. All the table editing is made right in the post editor with a simple interface to input data. A pretty nice editor to input basic formatting such as bold, italic, color or underline.

Key Features:

Basic look and appearance
Easy to use editor
Generic customization is a cakewalk
Ability to select multiple cells
Custom Tables

If you want to swiftly create a new table in the database, this plugin can efficiently serve your purpose. Different shortcodes can be created with this plugin to insert tables into the WordPress websites.

Key Features:

Instructions are embedded into the plugin itself, like pictures
Data is imported into CSV file
Allow search and sort orders along with caching functionalities
Easy Pricing Tables

It creates pretty WordPress pricing tables in no time by working in compliance with any WordPress theme. With this plugin, it is a cakewalk to build and create pretty pricing tables and comparison tables on your WordPress website.

Key Features:

Easily insert custom tables into a pricing table
Table columns can be reordered through drag and drop
Intuitive user interface
Multiple alternatives to customize a pricing table design by color pickers, rounded borders, and font size.

TinyMCE Advanced

This table WordPress plugin lets you add, remove and manage the buttons available on the Visual Editor Toolbar. There is also a flexibility to enable TinyMCE menu above the toolbars to make the editor more robust and convenient.

Key Features:

It allows formatting.
Multiple choices for adding a list.
There is the search and replace options within the editor.
The editor includes the paragraph features.
Magic Liquidizer Responsive Table

It is a popular table WordPress plugin with a basic functionality to convert a general HTML table into a mobile responsive table. It can be termed as a full-fledged solution that can embed everything from forms, texts, tables, and images to the navigation menu and related components of HTML.

Key Features:

A lightweight design
Beautifully convert HTML elements into a mobile-ready format
RTL supported
Easy to customize CSS and media queries
Data Tables Generator

Data Tables Generator makes it easy to quickly create and manage tables from a rich admin panel. The data table is made responsive by using interactive graphs and charts, filtering, pagination, etc.

Key Features:

Multiple style settings to handle variety of websites
Allow color change of cells and fonts
Enable to use caption, header, and footer
Support of HTML table for data cells
Responsive Table

With this plugin, you can assure a pretty transformation of your table into a responsive mobile design table. It lets you convert all the tables into responsive ones.

Key Features:

1,000 + active installs
An easy way to bid adieu to scrollbar in mobile devices
Works best for resolution below 767px
Easily readable table without using scroll shortcode
OSD Simple Table Generator

Creating tables is an easy go with this WordPress table plugin by using few simple tags. Its lightweight nature is the best feature to organize data by creating powerful tables.

Key Features:

Relies majorly on markup to embed the simplest implementation.
Allows basic table generation
No specific styling
No integration made with table sorter or Data Table.
Table Maker

This interactive plug-in helps create different comparison tables with plenty of unique features and functionality.

Key Features:

Ability to create different table types, like a TOP table, specification table, comparison table and many more.
Option to upload and use images
Center alignment as an option
Rows or cols lines
MCE Table Buttons

You can get a great visual table creation experience with MCE plugin where one has the provision of column addition, cell formatting and easy resizing.

Key Features:

There are the movements between cells in the tabs and cursor keys.
Manually adding featured available in it.
An editor includes, table control button.
There can be active installation beyond 100,000.
In a Nutshell

The aforementioned list of the WordPress table plugins not only enhance the appearance of your table but also improve the usability of the WordPress website. With these plugins, you can represent the data like a pro.

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