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Digital world has made life easier and smooth. Earlier to receive an official notification you had to wait months for telegram. With internet taking over the world, in just a simple click you get to know all the important news. Be it a job approval, a doctor’s appointment, an upcoming sale in the supermarket or a cricket match that is going to take place, all news are shared through text messages. Messaging has also become a place for marketing and with Bulk SMS Noida you can have the essential benefits of sending mass messages to audience in no time.

Why choose us?

IT Noida provides the best and safest platform for to various customers. Sending sms in bulks to individual users is available with our SMS software. We have comprehensive databases of subscriber for each carrier which is subcategorized into different parameters like economic, social demographics, personal, city-wise, rural-wise, business purpose, gender based and etc. The prime purpose of using Bulk SMS Services in Noida is to make sure that a specific message or newsletter or notification has been sent to target audience at the right time.

  1. Our talented professionals: We have experts with skills in developing concise yet highly efficient and response inducing SMS messages.
  2. Handling with expertise: We can create bulk sms services in the system of our clients to handle by our professionals so our clients can focus on their business.
  3. Analysis of progress: We keep our customers updated with metrics and analysis and keep records of progresses and sms returns. Our services guarantee to provide positive results.
  4. Valuable customers: Our software is very successful in offering the Bulk Sms service in Noida for Retailers, Agents, Schools, Hospitals, Banks, Travel companies, Electric Company, Web hosting service providers and others

We provide essential features as well as unique facilities at Bulk Sms service Provider in Noida at a best subscription plan.

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  1. Manage your phone book: We offer our clients with their own Phone book with names and numbers of contacts so that a message can easily be sent to an individual or to a group of individuals.

  2. Group messaging option: Create groups to send bulk messages targeting only specific individuals for that particular message, our platform makes use of this option

  3. Scheduling messages: We available the feature to schedule a message by applying the option of date and time to groups and individuals. You do not need to sit by your system but can easily schedule your bulk sms and our software responds accordingly.

  4. Personalized sms:Grab the interest of new customers and also encourage existing audiences with relevant notifications. Your sms message can be customized and with bulk sms system and it will be conveyed to the primary inboxes.

  5. Uploading attachments: We offer the solution to upload and attach different files such as Notepad, Spreadsheet, .csv file and other to send mass messages.

  6. Availability of languages: Hindi sms, English sms or any foreign language is available. You can also type Unicode SMS and send to customers. Same messages can be translated and sent to individuals in our platform.

  7. Opt in/ opt out option: The option to subscribe and unsubscribe is available for the audiences at Bulk Sms service Provider in Delhi by IT Solutions. Our facilities will help you not getting reported as spam.

Hire our services

IT Noida offers Bulk SMS Service in India at the cheapest and most efficient monthly billing plan. It is the most flexible service to confirm and get in touch with your hundreds of users and consumers. With sms marketing strategy you will gain ideal customers who subscribe for your messaging. Our Technical Team and Customer Services dedicate time to provide unfailing and continuous support. You ca n create unlimited number of clients and send sms through any program. Send million text messages at the same time to convey news, products, services, information and brands. Get in touch and avail our free trial before hiring our bulk sms services.

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